Google Glass Labeled “Awkward”

You’ve more than likely heard of Google Glass, but in case you missed the news you can check out this video of them in action.

Google Glass is a wearable computer in the form of glasses with, quite literally, in your face technology. The glasses are capable of keeping your calendar, taking photos, social networking, and now even facial recognition. They currently come in frames with a pop-in sunglass lens, but reports say prescription lenses are in prototype.

Google’s most highly anticipated product has created buzz lately for not only being cutting edge, but for also being what most are calling “awkward”.

A recent survey by BiTE interactive found that only 1 of 10 smartphone owners in the U.S. would wear the glasses. The survey also concluded that 45% of adult responders said they wouldn’t wear the Google Glasses, citing “social awkwardness” as the major turn off. Saturday Night Live even got in on the conversation and parodied a tech-blogger in all of his awkward glory.

While social media sites are full the jokes about the glasses, they’re are still quite a few reports indicating Google Glass will be quite successfull.

This article brings up a good point:

“While BiTE uses the term “only,” a 10% adoption rate among U.S. smartphone users would be absolutely astounding for a radical new device like Google Glass.

As of the end of March, comScore estimates that 136.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones. If Google sells 13.6 million pairs of its Google Glass eyewear, it will be more successful than most smartphone models, and smartphones are almost a commodity at this point. The idea that 13.6 million people in the U.S. are even willing to wear Glass is simply remarkable.”

We’re interested, would you wear Google Glass?

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