The 3-D Hype: Do you See it?

There are a number of movies set to hit the box office this summer that will be released in a 3-D format. This feature allows movie-goers to experience the flick as it seemingly “jumps off the screen.” But, did you know, there are millions of Americans who are not able to enjoy this enhanced experience because of vision problems? If an individual doesn’t have equal vision in both eyes, or has even a small misalignment, he or she is not likely to see three-dimensional  images properly.

Have you ever thought your 3-D viewing experience was less vivid than others watching the same film? Do you ever experience eye strain, dizziness or headaches, or have difficulty adjusting your eyes back to normal after watching a 3-D presentation? If so, you might consider seeing your eye doctor for further evaluation. You may be among the many who simply aren’t able to see what all of the hype is about.

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