Does your Child’s Vision Health Make the Grade?

With experts estimating that nearly 80 percent of what a child is taught in school is presented visually, good vision is critical in the classroom. So, if your child is struggling to see, his or her academic performance may also be suffering.

According to the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, nearly 10 million kids have undetected vision problems. Could your child be part of this staggering statistic?

Be on the lookout for textbook signs that your child might have vision issues. These include holding a book or electronic device too close, covering one eye to read, tilting head and squinting eyes to see the whiteboard, complaining of headaches, frequently rubbing eyes or blinking more than usual. Also be cautioned that some kids with vision problems don’t show warning signs or complain of any eye issues.

There is a difference between a vision screening administered by the school nurse and a comprehensive eye exam. Make sure your child’s vision health is making the grade. Visit the eye doctor annually.


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3 Responses to Does your Child’s Vision Health Make the Grade?

  1. Sarah says:

    It is true that vision impairment is rapidly increasing especially among young children. While it is important to get their eyes checked annually, I think it is also important for parents to be more aware of their child’s wellbeing. For example, certain food are known to improve eyesight hence, it would be good if parents can include more of those foods into their child’s diet.
    While there are many articles encouraging parents to bring their child for regular eye test, I don’t think there are enough articles providing tips that parents can learn and practise on their child. In your opinion, do you think having more of these informative articles can help reduce the number of children diagnosed with vision problem in the near future?

  2. Advantica says:

    Thank you for sharing, Sarah. We couldn’t agree with your comments more. And yes, we think knowledge is key to helping individuals incorporate healthy habits into their daily lives. Check out this blog posted in October of last year – it encourages reader to focus on eye healthy foods ( Furthermore, we will take you up on your advice and work to incorporate more applicable tips in future posts.

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