Show Yourself Some Love

Love Yourself Torn PaperSure, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for the heart, but here are ways you can show your whole body how much you love it …

Commit to Wellness
Just like eating healthy, exercising and taking your vitamins, being proactive when it comes to your overall health and wellness should top your priority list. It is recommended that you visit your general practitioner, eye doctor and gynecologist for a wellness checkup every year. The dentist asks that you come in every six months. These visits should take place when you aren’t sick or dealing with the onset of a specific issue. They are to occur when you are well, and are designed to help prevent potential problems, increase the likelihood of early detection and enable you to address concerns and seek advice.

Brighten Your Smile
Take care of your dental health by brushing twice daily, flossing once daily and using mouthwash. Remember coffee, tea and colas stain teeth. If you consume these beverages, sip them through a straw. Want to whiten? First, check out this great article from the American Dental Association touting the things you need to know about getting a brighter smile.

Feed Your Soul
Take time to relax, unwind and do the things that satisfy your soul. Put aside the to-do list and make time to read, go for a walk, call a friend, watch your favorite show, sip a glass of wine, check your Facebook feed, or simply sit and enjoy some silence. You matter too!

Many place too much worth on who they aren’t, while undervaluing all that they are. Remember that you are unique and there is only one you. Stand tall. Be confident. Make a difference. Shine.

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