Eye Allergies: An Itchy Situation

itchy eyesSpring has sprung and eye allergies have arrived. This means millions of Americans now have itchy, red eyes that can also tear-up, swell-up, blur, burn and produce mucus, depending on the severity.

Those with seasonal allergies have symptoms during certain times of the year. Daily pollen and mold counts matter and often dictate how eyes will react. Those who are allergic to trees, suffer in the spring. If grasses and weeds are an issue, they are symptomatic in the summer, while ragweed flare-ups happen in the fall. But, not all eye allergies are seasonal. Some are present all-year round. This type is commonly caused by dust mites, indoor molds and pet dander.

Regardless of the source, eye allergies are irritating, even in the mildest form. Try to minimize exposure. This can be accomplished by staying inside when pollen counts are high, keeping windows closed, wearing sunglasses to shield eyes from allergens, delegating lawn and gardening responsibilities, keeping indoor air dry with the help of a dehumidifier and using high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. Also be sure to consult your eye doctor. He or she can provide further insight on eye allergies, put together a plan of attack and ensure there are no underlying issues.

Sources: www.MayoClinic.org; www.aaai.org; www.allaboutvision.com

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