Take in the scenery for National Walking Day

I was fortunate enough to get out for a hike, recently. And the whole time, I couldn’t stop smiling. The scenery lifted my spirits and encouraged me to keep going, despite the burning muscles in my legs. With the blooming yellow flowers, tall impressive trees, and vast landscape I took in from the high spots, I felt grateful for my eyes’ ability to see all this natural beauty. So my power walking turned into a powerful feeling of gratitude.

The connection between walking and seeing

Besides the awareness of my ability to see the trail ahead of me and the creek beside me, there is another link between my vision and my hike. So, the Advantica team is happy to celebrate National Walking Day, this week, to bring attention to this connection. According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), exercise benefits your eyes and vision, just like it does the rest of your body. Exercise can prevent or limit the impact of some eye diseases, since we know these diseases are related to other health problems like high blood pressure and diabetes.

The Message of National Walking Day

The American Heart Association sponsors National Walking Day on Wednesday, April 5, to remind us of the health benefits of walking. Research shows that walking at least 30 minutes a day has many benefits like reducing your risk of heart disease and improving your mental well-being.

Whether you are walking, hiking, biking, or partaking in any exercise, your eye health can be a part of your overall healthy lifestyle.

What to bring on your walk or hike

Remember to pack a water bottle, almonds for an eye-healthy snack, and sunglasses to protect your eyes.

One good decision leads to another

I can’t take credit for having the willpower to get out there for a power walk; it was an invitation from a friend that encouraged me. But the decision to go, led to another decision to eat salad this week for lunch (leafy greens are great for the eyes), and another decision to plan to hike again in a few weeks. It led me to find more hiking and walking trails near me. It gave me energy to make other healthy choices. And those healthy lifestyle choices include ways to protect my precious vision.

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