Party Snacks for Your Vision and Dental Health

If you’re hosting an awards show party or throwing a game-day bash, try these foods for healthy teeth and eyes.

Reconsider the trend and try something new

Rosé, champagne and prosecco may be a trendy choice and a fun idea for an award show party or to celebrate your favorite team winning the big game, but these drinks can be hard on tooth enamel. Prosecco, champagne, and rosè have high acid levels, so try sparkling water instead. Or if you’re looking for a unique drink to serve, try a colorful vegetable and fruit smoothie. Pack it with eye-healthy choices like spinach, carrots, apples or beets. With fruit to garnish, your guests will feel indulged and healthy.

Cheese – both appetizing and helpful

Putting together a cheese tray can be an easy choice. It can also protect your teeth if you do decide to treat you and your friends with champagne. Cheese is usually a favorite, and you can add more to the platter like prosciutto and salami.  Add some vision-friendly nuts like walnuts and almonds. How about chickpeas or sunflower seeds, both with nutrients good for vision, to add to the selection? With all these extra choices, your guests won’t miss the crackers. Crackers are starchy and high in carbohydrates. Those carbohydrates turn into sugar that can harm the enamel on your teeth. If you do decide to add some crackers, other snack foods like celery can act as a natural toothbrush to clear the food particles on the surface of your teeth.

A different veggie tray

I know it’s tempting to just grab a couple of bags of chips, but they are high in carbohydrates and starches, and no good for your smile. Instead, put together a veggie tray. Vegetables will provide the same satisfying crunch your guests crave while providing vitamins good for your vision and dental health. If you’re looking for something different than the usual celery, carrots and broccoli, try parsnips, jicama, snap peas, artichokes and asparagus. Raw red peppers are filled with vitamin C which is a good nutrient for your eyes.

Berries for sweetness

I suppose it wouldn’t be a party without something sweet. So here is an option that can have some benefits while also delighting your friends and family. Try berries drizzled with dark chocolate – dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate or white chocolate and strawberries are filled with vitamin C, good for your teeth and eyes.

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