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At Work? Think About Your Eyes

Eye injuries at work are very common, according to the American Optometric Association. But most of these injuries can be prevented with the proper eye protection and with raised awareness. Depending on your occupation, there are workplace eye safety precautions … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Copay and Coinsurance

Copayment and coinsurance are two terms you may come across when reviewing your dental insurance. Both can be described as ways you help share the costs of your dental care. Usually there is a copay or coinsurance, but not both. … Continue reading

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Follow the Rainbow to Healthy Eyes and a Healthy Smile

            Colorful fruits and vegetables can lead you to good dental and vision health. This St. Patrick’s Day, follow the rainbow to these healthy choices. Red: Strawberries provide a great source of vitamin C, which … Continue reading

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How Alcohol Affects Your Vision

If you’re celebrating on March 17, you may experience blurry or double vision, bloodshot eyes, and sensitivity to light. How is alcohol causing these eye-related symptoms? An occasional drink will not result in lasting damage to your eyes, but according … Continue reading

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