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5 steps to healthy vision

Sight could be one of the five senses that we take for granted the most. The National Eye Institute (NIH) says more than 23 million Americans (age 18 and older) have never had an eye exam. That is why Healthy Vision Month … Continue reading

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What to expect during an eye exam

Have you been putting off getting an eye exam? August is National Eye Exam Month, making it the perfect time to take charge of your vision health. Even if your vision seems fine to you, eye exams can identify potential … Continue reading

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Does your Child’s Vision Health Make the Grade?

With experts estimating that nearly 80 percent of what a child is taught in school is presented visually, good vision is critical in the classroom. So, if your child is struggling to see, his or her academic performance may also … Continue reading

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To Dilate or Not to Dilate?

When the doctor asked if you’d like a dilated eye exam during your last visit, what was your answer? Did you say no? Did you know why he or she was asking, or even what it means? Most of us … Continue reading

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