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At Work? Think About Your Eyes

Eye injuries at work are very common, according to the American Optometric Association. But most of these injuries can be prevented with the proper eye protection and with raised awareness. Depending on your occupation, there are workplace eye safety precautions … Continue reading

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5 Healthy Aging Behaviors to Help Your Vision

Healthy aging seems to be a trending phrase. But this trend might stick around for a long time since approximately 20% of our population is going to be over 65 by 2030. That’s about 72 million people. So how are … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Add Vision Benefits

Your oral and vision health are strongly linked to your overall health. The idea of preventive care applies to your health care, but also your vision care. And, as you grow older, and with the new hazards of our digital … Continue reading

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Encourage Your Dad to Pick Up These Habits for Eye Health

Since Father’s Day is this Sunday and June is designated Men’s Health Month, we’re going to focus on some healthy vision habits for men. These habits are recommended for everyone, of course, but we can encourage our fathers, sons, brothers, … Continue reading

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Technology in a Bad Light: The Risks of Digital Eye Strain

Most of us can’t imagine a day without technology. Some of us may sit in front of a computer for eight hours at work. Then we might come home and turn on the TV. Throughout the day, perhaps we keep … Continue reading

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